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New registrations in macadamias, almonds and apples!

Mode of action: Group 3 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 75 g/L Mefentrifluconazole
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)

Rapid and lasting protection:

Belanty brings a new dimension to Group 3 fungicide chemistry, using molecular flexibility to achieve very robust disease control. New DMI chemistry with much stronger cellular binding than other DMIs. Belanty delivers rapid and lasting protection, and a favourable residue profile providing a flexible application window.

Key benefits

  • Class-leading, flexible control of a number of diseases in grapes, apples, macadamias and almonds
  • A uniquely adaptable molecule – the first of its type – within Group 3 (DMI) fungicides
  • Better residue profile than alternative triazoles, with approved MRL’s for EU export
  • Molecular flexibility and exceptionally strong cellular binding deliver robust efficacy at a low
  • Volume of active ingredient
  • Rapid uptake and lasting residual protection

How it works

Although Belanty is classified as a Group 3 fungicide, its hybrid ‘isopropanol-azole’ molecule is the first of its type and unique among demethylation inhibitors (DMIs).

The triazole ‘head’ of the molecule sits on the ‘neck’ of a slim isopropanol unit. That isopropanol component folds into a hook shape as the molecule switches from its unbound conformation to the bound one and docks with its target enzyme.

The formulation of the Belanty molecule promotes rapid uptake and enables it to bind much more strongly than other triazoles to the target enzyme: C 14-demethylase.

What our customers are saying

Brendan Cameron Grape Grower

Crop protection is vitally important for us. Our income depends on getting it right.

Brendan Cameron
Agronomist Jason Cappello

Now that I’ve seen how it works, if we do get a pressure year for powdery mildew in grapes, I can be confident recommending at least one Belanty treatment as part of a fungicide program.

Jason Cappello (Agronomist)
Brent Farnsworth with Warren Seaman

Belanty has a good fit for our conditions. Powdery mildew is always an issue here, and chardonnay is highly susceptible.

Brent Farnsworth
Andrew Flanagan

What the winery says we can use is all we’re interested in. If overseas countries say we can’t use certain products, we just don’t use them.

Andrew Flanagan
Nicol Family

By December we had very visible black spot infection on those trees. We killed it with Belanty. You could definitely see that it had worked.

Nicol Family

Crop suitability

  • Almond

    Blossom blight
    Hull rot
    Leaf rust
    Shot hole
  • Apple

    Black spot
    Powdery mildew
  • Grapes

    Powdery mildew
  • Macadamia

    Husk spot