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Sharpen® Herbicide

Fast and flexible broadleaf control for all seasons

Sharpen® is the latest multi-purpose herbicide most growers will soon want to have in the shed all year round. It is rapidly gaining new registrations that reflect its exceptional reliability and versatility.

Many broadacre farmers already value Sharpen for its robust control of problem weeds in fallow and pre-plant, and it is now registered as a harvest aid in winter pulses, for winter cleaning of lucerne and for wild radish seed-set control in winter cereals and established almond, citrus and pome orchards. 

In WeedSmart's crop-topping in winter cereals podcast edition, you can hear Phil Hoult, BASF Technical Services Manager, discuss Sharpen and it's unique fit for wild radish seed set reduction in winter cereals.  

Sharpen - Before & After

Sharpen up your whole spray program

New registrations keep extending Sharpen's usefulness right through the season. Sharpen can now be used very effectively:

  • For pre-sowing knockdown of key broadleaf weeds
  • As a harvest aid in chickpeas and other pulse crops
  • For in-crop broadleaf weed control in established lucerne
  • From the early milky dough stage to manage wild radish seed-set in winter cereals
  • For pre-fallow knockdown of broadleaf weeds and fallow maintenance
  • To clean up broadleaf weeds around farm buildings

Sharpen at a Glance

Product Type Herbicide
Active Ingredient 700g/kg SAFLUFENACIL
Chemical Group G

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