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Luximax pack shot



Stay one step ahead of annual ryegrass

Mode of action: Group 30 herbicide
Active ingredient(s): 750 g/L Cinmethylin

As the only Group 30 (formerly Group T) mode of action herbicide, Luximax gives users the best of both worlds: it matches the highest standards of pre-emergent annual ryegrass control while protecting the other key annual ryegrass products in your herbicide rotation.

Adding Luximax to your pre-emergent program will produce great results every season and help you keep down annual ryegrass numbers in the long term too.

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Key benefits

  • Very high levels of pre-emergent annual ryegrass control in wheat crops
  • Control of annual ryegrass populations with known resistance to any other mode of action
  • Up to 12 weeks’ residual control, matching the highest industry standard
  • Favourable re-cropping intervals allow optimal rotational flexibility

Hear what Australian growers have to say about Luximax

Hamish Gaynor, Alleena NSW

Premium performance:

Reducing resistance pressure:

Clint Neville, Forbes NSW:

Tom Levitt, Walkaway WA:

Picture of Chris Davey

Luximax is a great addition to the pre-emergent stable for Yorke Peninsula. We have documented resistance in ryegrass to Group B, D, J, K and M. So, having a brand-new mode of action in Group 30 available this season, has assisted greatly in ryegrass management. Luximax has worked wonderfully well when compared to the current standards. Growers and agronomists alike have commented how well it has worked in the problematic ryegrass paddocks.

Chris Davey – Kadina, York Peninsula SA

How it works

Product formulation
Luximo® is the active ingredient powering this new pre-emergent herbicide which will be available in an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation with a high active loading. This high loading will make Luximax effective at low application rates.

Mode of action
Luximax is the only herbicide in a class of chemistry known as the cineoles. Its novel mode of action is based on inhibition of fatty acid thioesterase (FAT), which irreversibly disrupts cell membranes and damages emerging plant tissue. In pre-emergence treatments, ryegrass seedlings quickly become unable to survive and grow.

This unique mode of action means the molecule has no known cross-resistance and will play an integral role in maintaining the effectiveness of integrated weed control programs. For resistance management purposes, Luximax is classified as a Group 30 herbicide formerly Group T.

Luximax should be incorporated by sowing (IBS) using knife points and press wheels within 3 days of application. To ensure necessary separation of the seed from the herbicide treated band, sowing depth should be a minimum of 3 cm. Sufficient rainfall is then required within 10 days of application for reliable activation.

Consistency across varying conditions
Recent experience has shown that herbicide solubility plays an important role in the effective incorporation and activation of pre-emergent herbicides. Luximax has a good balance of solubility and soil binding, and in development trials has achieved more consistent results across different autumn conditions when compared to some other pre-emergent cereal herbicides.

Compared to other pre-emergent herbicides, Luximax has favourable plantbacks that provide plenty of flexibility in managing crop rotations. Application-to-sowing intervals are typically 9 months for winter crops and 3 months for summer crops.

Integrated Weed Management (IWM)
While Luximax will control annual ryegrass that has developed resistance to herbicides from Group 15, formerly Group K and other mode of action groups, it should always be used as part of an integrated weed management (IWM) strategy. Such strategies will include non-chemical methods as well as herbicides with different modes of action.

Correct sowing depth:

Maximise sowing safety:

Get your timing right:

Crop suitability

  • Wheat (except Durum)

    Annual ryegrass
    Barley grass
    Brome grass - suppression
    Silver grass
    Toad rush
    Wild oats - suppression