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Voraxor® Herbicide

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Voraxor®, is a versatile new ‘Double Group G’ knockdown and pre-emergent (IBS) residual herbicide that will make early-season weed control in wheat, including durum, and barley crops simpler and more comprehensive.

Voraxor®’s two Group G active ingredients (including a brand new active ingredient: Tirexor) will knock down a large range of broadleaf weeds and, in tank-mixes with paraquat or glyphosate, young annual ryegrass – even biotypes that are now resistant to glyphosate. At higher residual rates, once incorporated by sowing, Voraxor® will control labelled key broadleaf weeds for up to 12 weeks, and provide additional suppression of annual ryegrass in lighter soils.

Growers who add Voraxor®’s powerful weed control to their pre-plant spray program in 2021 can be confident of having cleaner crops right through the season.

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