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Seed Treatment Fungicide

Advanced cost-effective blackleg protection

Mode of action: Group 7 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 380 g/L Fluopyram

As an innovative ‘blackleg specialist’, ILeVO® is the most cost-effective option to protect seedling canola against the crop’s most damaging disease. ILeVO is more effective than older chemistry, with proven yield benefits, and provides a more flexible and economical alternative to the only other SDHI seed treatment for canola, which locks users in to applying it with a specific tank-mix partner.

Importantly, ILeVO has no negative impact on germination rates or hypocotyl length and will control strains of blackleg with resistance to other modes of action. Plus it can be mixed with a wide range of other fungicidal and insecticidal seed treatments to cover the full spectrum of diseases and pests.

Key benefits

  • The Blackleg specialist that outperforms previous standards
  • Improve crop vigour and yield potential
  • Opens up your tank mix options for greater flexibility

ILeVO® Seed Treatment Fungicide

How it works

ILeVO contains the systematic ingredient Fluopyram, which has translocates to the roots, cotyledons and first true leaves of canola plants. ILeVO’s high concentration in these areas that blackleg first attacks effectively manages early infection and infestation, which potentially helps reduce upper canopy infection in later stages of the crop.

By managing blackleg in its earliest stages, ILeVO assists crops to reach their yield potential while demonstrating good crop safety with no hypocotyl shortening or effect on seed germination. It also has a high range of compatibilities with the ability to mix with other fungicidal and insecticidal seed treatments for broader crop protection.

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