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The wait is over.

Blackleg, caused by the fungus Leptosphaeria maculans is the most serious disease of canola in Australia that has caused substantial yield loss across the country. Current seed treatments haven’t been up to the task of effective management it due to resistance pressure – until now.

ILeVO is a highly effective and safe new seed treatment that is now registered for use in Australia and has a number of benefits:

-          Alternative MOA - highly effective on blackleg including those strains resistant to Azoles. No known cross-resistance and better control.

-          Lower application rate than Jockey® Stayer® - increases efficiency of operation.

-          Good crop safety - no hypocotyl shortening and better crop establishment.

-          Wide range of compatibilities - mix with other fungicidal and insecticidal seed treatments for broader protection of seed-borne, soil-borne and foliar disease.

With ILeVO, growers can get on the front foot of blackleg.

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