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Colliss® Fungicide By BASF - Australia Packshot



Reliable powdery mildew treatment

Mode of action: Group 7 11 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 200 g/L boscalid 100 g/L Kresoxim-methyl
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)

For reliable high performance prevention of powdery mildew in field grown cucurbits. Dual modes of action provide complementary residual and protective activity against powdery mildew. A robust option when used in rotation with other products as part of a powdery mildew protectant spray program.

Key benefits

  • Dual mode of action treatment
  • Powdery mildew treatment
  • Group 7 and 11 fungicide

How it works

Colliss® contains a unique combination of two novel active ingredients: boscalid (an anilide) and kresoxim-methyl (a strobilurin). These two active ingredients provide a dual mode of action, creating a new benchmark for effectiveness in the control of fungal diseases.

Mode of action

Both boscalid and kresoxim-methyl work in the fungus by inhibiting respiration in the cell’s powerhouse, the mitochondria, but at subtly different sites. Boscalid inhibits the complex IIenzyme of the fungal respiration chain, whilst kresoxim-methyl blocks the complex III enzyme.

There is no cross resistance, even though these two sites are in the same region of the cell.

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