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Introducing wheat bred by BASF

The BASF Wheat and Oilseed Breeding Centre in Longerenong, Victoria has been producing innovative hybrid canola varieties for years. Now we are releasing the first in what promises to be a long line of impressive wheat varieties.

Like our InVigor® canola, BASF wheat will give growers a wider choice of high-performing varieties bred specifically for their growing conditions, and – in the longer term – introduce new traits that simplify crop management as well as helping maximise yields.

We have named our first new wheat variety Ascot as a tribute to a pioneer of Australian wheat growing and champion of new varieties. Former gold miner James Fry founded the Ascot Mill after harvesting his first wheat crop at Mount Blowhard near Ballarat in the 1850s. Fry later experimented with new varieties and dry-farming techniques to demonstrate the viability of growing wheat in the Wimmera.

Our varieties' names will continue to honour previous innovators as a small acknowledgement of the values and attributes we believe they shared with modern farmers and our breeding team: the combination of boldness, imagination and sheer persistence it takes to succeed in a new or constantly changing environment.

BASF wheat varieties are being marketed by our partners at Seednet.  


Ascot is a robust new mid-late season variety that will be available for the 2021 winter cropping season. It is being produced for BASF and Seednet by AGF Seeds, based at Smeaton (between Ballarat and Bendigo). The new variety has done exceptionally well in that area, so it will initially be marketed to farmers with similar growing conditions. The recommended growing area for 2021 extends from eastern South Australia through central Victoria and just across the border into southern NSW.


A fact sheet about Ascot will soon be available for download from this site. If you would like more information in the meantime, please contact Seednet on 1300 799 246.