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New Luximax herbicide part of SEPWA Trial

The following article featured in the June newsletter of SEPWA - to view the full newsletter click here

In 2020 BASF is set to launch a new herbicide that will consolidate and extend the advances in preemergent grass weed control made in recent years.

The introduction of the preemergent herbicide will add a much-needed new tool to the otherwise limited toolbox for controlling annual ryegrass. While the product name for this new herbicide is still completing the trademarking process, the unique active ingredient powering the product has been branded Luximo® by BASF.

BASF expects the product name to be announced in the coming weeks. This is one of the treatments SEPWA will be looking at in its three-year project to identify tactics for barley grass management in the low rainfall zone.

Luximo is the first active in a new chemical class: the cineoles. Its mode of action has been provisionally classified as Group Z while it awaits final classification. Crucially, researchers have confirmed that Luximo will control all known annual ryegrass biotypes that have reduced sensitivity to the existing Group K products or any other recognised mode of action.

The new product will be registered for pre-emergent use in wheat to control annual ryegrass and suppress brome grass and wild oats. It will be formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate with a high active loading, so it will be applied at low rates with a threeday application window. To ensure crop safety, it will need to be incorporated by sowing (IBS) using knife points and press-wheels. That means most growers can stick to their current application timings and methods while upgrading their control over annual ryegrass. 

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