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Doing what's best for everyone

Insisting on doing the best possible job leaves no room for compromise, which is why the technicians at Queensland’s Conquer Termites now use Termidor HE for every new protective termite treatment they install.

Rowan Bate set up the company, which operates in the very competitive market across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with a simple philosophy for making it successful: “best practice in all aspects”.

While many other companies offer customers the choice between a standard Termidor treatment and a Termidor HE treatment, Rowan simply sees that as a possible source of confusion. “Why muddy the waters?” he asks. “It all comes down to customer trust. If you tell people you’re using the best treatment, they get an extra level of confidence. It would get confusing and compromised if you started mixing treatments.”

Rowan recognises that there is extra cost involved, but says his company succeeds by winning people’s confidence, not competing on price. “Our business is tailored mainly for residential customers looking for a company they can trust and who are willing to pay a bit more. I liken us to a mechanic or dentist: you find a good one and stick with them.”

It’s proven to be a very rewarding formula. Rowan describes Conquer Termites as “a strongly organically growing company based on great retention of highly valued customers”. He says they do relatively little marketing because they have a steady supply of new business through recommendations from happy customers to their friends and neighbours.

Rowan acknowledges that Termidor’s established reputation helps in the process of winning consumers’ confidence. “Termidor has good brand recognition among homeowners and it’s definitely the best-known termiticide in the market.”

Rowan believes it deserves that recognition. “Its mechanics make it more forgiving than other products. But again it all comes down to customer trust. Some customers do their own research, and we really like that sort of customer. But most people just ask us ‘Is that the good stuff?’ and we say ‘Yeah, this is the good stuff’.”

The step up from Termidor to Termidor HE is also a matter of trust. BASF explained how the new ‘high efficiency’ formulation offers a new level of protection, and Rowan was happy to accept that it is now the best available solution and make the switch.

“For us, it's also a marketing edge,” he explains. “We tell people this is what we use and this is why, and then we leave it up to them.”

There are also definite practical advantages for the Conquer Termites team in using Termidor HE compared to the standard formulation. It’s typical of their meticulous approach that they use diamond cutting to avoid cracking tiles before drilling down to inject the treatment. The wider spacings allowed by the Termidor HE formulation’s superior mobility in the soil both reduce that workload and enhance the look of the end result.

While Rowan believes most customers would be unaware of many of the practical advantages associated with using the more advanced formulation, he is sure his clients as well as his technicians appreciate the fact that hot water services no longer have to be taken out and refitted to ensure effective protection. “Customers do value that.”

More importantly, both his crew and their clients are very happy with the end results.

“If you’re working for a company that takes pride in its work, you get extra satisfaction from the job,” Rowan says. “And we enjoy working with customers who are less worried about price and more focused on a great outcome.”

The choice of Termidor HE is now integral to Conquer Termites’ policy of using the very best technology and techniques to keep meeting the highest expectations of those discriminating homeowners and reaping the rewards. 

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