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BASF's versatile new pre-emergent herbicide, Voraxor, now registered for use in cereal crops

◼ APVMA has approved Voraxor®, BASF’s new knockdown and pre-emergent herbicide
◼ Voraxor provides strong ‘double Group G’ knockdown and long-lasting residual control of broadleaf weeds, plus suppression of annual ryegrass, in wheat, barley and durum
◼ BASF’s third herbicide for Australian cereal growers launched in twelve months – Voraxor follows Luximax® and Frequency®

BASF’s versatile new Group G pre-emergent herbicide, Voraxor, has been registered for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). This new registration will allow Australian growers of wheat, durum and barley to enhance the spectrum and longevity of their pre-emergent weed control.

“We are excited to introduce an important new tool, with a brand-new active, that can get several jobs done at once and help growers plug existing gaps in their weed control programs,” said Stuart McLaverty, Senior Portfolio Manager, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “Voraxor offers fast knockdown of a wide range of broadleaf weeds that have already emerged in the lead-up to sowing, and it will continue to control the emergence of 16 key broadleaf weeds for up to 12 weeks when incorporated by sowing.”

Additionally, Voraxor provides suppression of annual ryegrass when incorporated by sowing (IBS). “Registered for the residual suppression of annual ryegrass as a pre-emergent in light-textured soils, Voraxor is effective as a burndown in controlling young annual ryegrass plants which have developed resistance to glyphosate. No other Group G product ticks all these boxes,” added McLaverty.

Voraxor is the first product featuring a new BASF active ingredient to be released globally, and the company’s third herbicide released locally in the last 12 months. It follows Luximax, a ground-breaking, grass-weed pre-emergent herbicide with a brand-new mode of action for use in wheat, and Frequency, a new post-emergent Group H broadleaf herbicide which offers agronomists flexibility in mix partners in wheat, barley and durum.

“Together these three new herbicides will allow growers to maintain a very high level of weed control while reducing resistance pressure on older products,” said Gavin Jackson, Head of Agricultural Solutions at BASF Australia and New Zealand.

“Australian farmers have long been known as early adopters of new innovations and we are delighted that BASF’s pipeline of new products – with many more new products scheduled for launch in the next few years – is giving them every opportunity to stay ahead of the curve,” concluded Jackson.

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