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BASF invests in Somersby site expansion to produce Nodulator® locally

- BASF invests $1.6 million to expand production at its Somersby site

- Market leading inoculant, Nodulator®, will be produced locally from 2020

Customers of BASF will soon be able to rely on local supply of its market leading biological inoculant Nodulator®, following the company’s investment of A$1.6 million to expand its production facility in Somersby, New South Wales. The expansion will allow BASF to keep up with growing demand for Nodulator and further utilize the company’s local expertise in the production of biological products.

“The addition of granule manufacturing to our site is an exciting development which showcases BASFs dedication to local production and biological growth in the agriculture market. Our team has a high level of expertise when it comes to biological manufacture, so granule production fits the scope of work performed at Somersby perfectly. The upgrade is progressing as planned and is set to be operational in December this year,” said Kathleen Johns, Somersby Site Manager.

The investment demonstrates BASF’s commitment to improving supply confidence, while allowing growers to benefit from quick, easy access to the only locally produced, granular inoculant on the market. Construction of the plant has already commenced, with production of Nodulator set to begin in December

“The expansion of our Somersby plant is a direct reflection of BASF’s ability to innovate and move quickly to keep up with growers’ needs. We’re excited for what it means for customers, who can be confident they are receiving a top-quality inoculant that will help them get the most out of their pulse crops,” said Gavin Jackson, Head of Agricultural Solutions Australia and New Zealand at BASF.

Nodulator will soon undergo independent testing by the Australian Inoculants Research Group (AIRG), under the National Code of Practice. Once approved, Nodulator will be the only granular product in the Australian the market to receive an AIRG green tick.

“The technical expertise of the Somersby team is world class and we are glad to see it continue to improve and be recognised through accolades like the green tick. With the Australian agricultural industry constantly evolving, we’re excited to help it improve and prosper with our market-leading products, like Nodulator.” Jackson said.

Nodulator is a granular inoculant that promotes the growth of nodules on crop roots to increase the growth and yield of host plants, as well as leaving residual nitrogen in the soil to feed the following crop. Unlike peat inoculants, Nodulator can be conveniently added to the small seeds box at sowing to deliver the product in the planting furrow.

The locally produced Nodulator will be available to customers in time for the 2020 season.



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